Finances Ugh!!!

However, we have been blessed with people who will help out if needed. We always remember that God gives us our paychecks and he helps us use wisdom and care about how we spend our money. We also allow for forgiveness if Jman and I mess up with money. Jman and I argue and talk about money and then we come to decision. We also pray about how the best to use our money. We talk to our parents and discuss it with them.

Hardest Christmas!!!

Then I remembered that Jesus was beaten before he died, It was a weird moment where I thought that sounded much worse than getting poked. I was reminded Jesus was human, even though he never sinned he was human. He probably stubbed his toe, stepped on rocks and felt the same pains that I did. For the first time during chemo, something was worst than chemo.

Bonus Blog: Thursdays

I am often more aware on days that I’m of unexpected blessings. Like hummingbirds, gratitude and sometimes even making a connection with my students that I work with. Unexpected blessings are my favorite blessings because they help remind me that God is in control. Just like this morning where I feel drained to barely function, God tugged at my heart to share my heart.

Changing my Perspectives

So we started a journey and made people aware that we were not asking why. We stepped forward on the journey that was filled with unknowns but stood fast without asking God the whys. Although others did not join us on this path of trusting God and there were times when Why crept in. We did not fixate on it. That change of perspective allowed me to see the blessings raining down.

The Road not Taken

The Road not taken. Sometimes it's a good road and sometimes it's a bad road. The thing I've learned is you can't look back. Just keep moving forward. Happy Poetry Saturday dear friends. The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And…

Life as a Cancer Survivor

Life as Cancer Survivor   I’m a cancer survivor. I know I have said this before, sometimes I have to say it out loud to remind myself.   The end of August to September always makes me feel melancholy and reflective.   How does life work now that I have a new normal?   Most…

A Day.

Happy Poetry Saturday my peeps. My favorite color is purple. My favorite stone is Amethyst, yes even though I'm an April baby, I'm very much like Anne Shirley. Anne fell in love with the stone amethyst and for many years this has been my favorite. I even asked Jman for a purple ring for an…