Pocket Blessings

This has impacted my days so much and the fact it was delivered from a friend. Make it feel like I am having coffee(even though I’m not a coffee drinker) with a friend. In truth I am, I am spending time with my Heavenly Father and learning about him and how he loves me.

National Parks

I was also truly grateful that my parents instilled that going to National Parks is essential. It is truly amazing when you visit a place that the founders of our country decided to preserve just because of the beauty of the area.

How am I?

God has blessed me. And even if I am tired or my emotional compacity is lower. I am here to experience it today. And some days are hard but not unbearable. I still get the chance to show up, and that is the most vital blessing.


Listening to God’s voice is sometimes heard through the noise of the world; however, it is ever-present and often a whisper. And when you look and make a point to listen, the peace that follows is unexplained.

Disney World 2019

Finally, Unplug. I didn’t check emails, I took pictures and spent time with family. However, don’t spend the entire vacation from the view of the viewfinder. Take part in the moments and watch for the magic. Enjoy the snacks, enjoy the characters, and finally breath. I honestly was able to have a break, and it was beautiful.