Dear Someday Child- A Poem

I write poetry, or I used too. Today was the first time in Months I have written poetry. And I want to share it with you. This comes from have multiple dreams lately of adopting a child and waking up wishing the dream was reality.

 A letter in the form of a Poem to my someday child. The child I hope to have someday. 

Dear Someday Child

Dear Someday Child,

Right now you seem closer than impossible but further from right now.

Please Know we’ve already chosen your name. You will be named after family, strong characters, and Bible names.

Your parents are huge nerds so your name will be different but extraordinary.

Dear Someday Child,

You are the light in the sky leading us.

Like the Star leading the wise men to Jesus.

You are the pushing drive in all our decision making.

Dear Someday Child,

Our arms ache to hold you

Our hearts ache to love upon you

Please know we are excited to show you the world.

We also pray for you. Our families pray for you.

Dear Someday Child,

The world can be scary.

Disease, hatred, and injustice rule. But so do kindness, love, and humility.

Dear Someday Child,

I hope your faith is like your dad’s unceasing. 

I hope you are spongy and big-hearted like me.

I hope you forgive easily like your aunt

I hope you love adventures like your uncles.

I hope you love learning and the ocean like your grandmothers

I hope you pray and love like your grandfathers.

Dear Someday Child,

Know that we love you.

When God gives you to us, you will be loved. 

Family is forever.

Not sometime or when we feel like it. 

It is Forever.

We will overcome every challenge with God’s Guidance.

Dear Someday Child, 

I hope you love superheroes, reading, national parks, Disney, Chocolate, Football, and music

I hope you collect

I hope your faith is strong and journey rocky, but I also hope you learn God ordains a season for everything. I hope you learn to stand up when you fall down.

I hope you Love like Jesus and Forgive like God

I hope you don’t inherit my fears, but find your own.

Dear Someday Child, 

Even though you are not here right now.

We love you

We pray for you

And We are relying on God’s timing.

As much as I wish it was now.

I count down the days when you are in my life.

Love your Someday Mama.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.Matthew 24:35NIV

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