Lessons from Jman

However, Jman has taught me that Jesus wanted the idea of love to be without filters or blinders. It doesn’t discriminate by orientation, skin color, favorite superhero, football team, or even political understanding. It does not discriminate by religion or IQ.


Fandom has always been an escape, when real life gets too crazy or too hard, I find myself falling head first into fandom. The fictional characters plight makes my life of crazy seem saner. And sometimes the way fictional character respond to something makes me think about how I would approach that situation.


Reading has been my escape, much like this blog has been a sounding board for my life, reading has shaped my life to examine the world, be observant and it's okay to get lost in a book.

God is in Charge

God in charge of our finances, he is in charge of how many breaths I take, and he knows how many hairs on my head. He also knows what interactions are going to happen. He knows what events I will go to and who will be there and if what they say will make me upset.