Learning to Love Me

Learning to love myself

Good Morning Friends, Today is Monday, and I am reflecting on my weekend or really my week. I was off from work and spent many days of the week off out and doing something. Two of those things were hiking and playing golf.

Yes, you heard me right. Hiking and Golf. Me very unathletic who has knee problems and hates being sore. The only time I like to feel sore is when I’ve spent the day at a theme park.

So last week we went to the driving range. For those who are not into golf. The driving range is a place where you practice your drives(which is what’s hitting the golf ball is called driving.) As I got up to the form my stance. I felt an old frustration creep in. Why am I not more athletic? why is my hand-eye coordination so poor? Why Can’t I remember one simple thing as keep my eye on the golf ball? 

I spent the first 20 minutes of practice comparing myself to my Husband, Brother, and father all of who have great hand-eye coordination, are athletic, and pick up sports much faster than I do. As I was frustrated hit the little yellow ball I wished I was someone different. 

How often do I wish I was someone different? When I was younger I used to wish my hair was straight and not curly. I used to wish I didn’t have a lisp. All the things that became pressure points I would wish away. However, this made me angry at God.

I used to think that God made a mistake on me. Have you ever thought that God made a mistake on you? I doubt I am the only person who felt this way. 

God doesn’t make mistakes. Repeat after me God doesn’t make mistakes. I know sometimes this lie that the devil weaves is tempting. To listen to these words and latch on to them is sometimes the only balm when we get frustrated with ourselves. Is that God made a mistake? God Doesn’t Make Mistakes. I sometimes have to repeat things over. God doesn’t make mistakes. So in my frustrations and comparing, I am robbing myself of an opportunity of praising God. Because I was beautifully and wonderfully made. My hand-eye coordination isn’t great but God made me like this. It takes me longer to learn a new sport and God made me like this. I need to remember to praise God for who I am. 

God Doesn’t make mistakes( anyone else feels like we are now beating a dead horse) God made me who I am. I need to remember this and hence the title of this blog. I am learning to love those elements of myself that I know bring frustration. It takes me a little longer, and things are harder. But God did not make a mistake in creating me. He also knew about my struggles he also knew those struggles, I need extra practice to make my progress more of a learning process. And as my hubby loves to say “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” I will fail, but I will get up again practicing to worship God and learn to love myself. Because just like Golf, at some point I will be able to hit the ball the way I want to. For as long as I remember God doesn’t make mistakes.

TTFN and God Bless and Keep You:)

James 1:2-5 Dear brothers and sisters,[a] when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.

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