Reflections on 2018

Then I found my voice. I started this blog. It became my soundboard, a place to process my feelings and emotions. It became a safe place for me to process what my busy days were like and how I felt about the world. And with that support, I discovered I wasn’t alone in my struggles. I had a community of people who were praying for me and eager to hear my opinions. I realized I mattered and that

The True Gift for Christmas

I’ve often wondered if Mary, Jesus’s mother, were still alive today if Christmas would be have been hard for her. If Christmas was something she dreaded or rejoiced. She is someone I would love to sit down and drink tea and just ask her how did she have the faith to trust God so completely through her pregnancy and the birth of Jesus. What Sacrifices did she make? I would love to ask her “Mary were you ever afraid or doubtful?”

Feeding Jman

We read ingredients all the time. Even with products, we know he can have because sometimes recipes change. We just went to the store the other day and I think it took a little longer because we were reading ingredients.We never assume Jman can have something even if it says dairy-free on the outside.

Finances Ugh!!!

However, we have been blessed with people who will help out if needed. We always remember that God gives us our paychecks and he helps us use wisdom and care about how we spend our money. We also allow for forgiveness if Jman and I mess up with money. Jman and I argue and talk about money and then we come to decision. We also pray about how the best to use our money. We talk to our parents and discuss it with them.