He Understands…

He understands…

He understands the pain.
Whether from a nail piercing through the flesh
Or a needle barely scratching the skin.
Blood flows filled with love, sacrifice and redemption.

He understands the feeling of abandonment.
From a loved one.
From a parent who turned a blind eye to suffering.
But saving grace and forgiveness still resounds.

He understands the suffering.
Drawn out with no chance to catch second wind.
Blood, anxiety, sweat and tears.
But not abandoned not forgotten.

He understands the anger
Frustrations and screams thrown to the sky.
With no reply or assurances.
But peace that surpasses understanding falls like rain.

Psalm 42:8 New International Version

By day the Lord directs his love,
    at night his song is with me—
    a prayer to the God of my life.

TTFN and God Bless and Keep You:)

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