Where I’ve been?

Where I’ve been?

Hi Friends, first let me introduce myself to the new members, My name is Danie Weaver, l used to blog quite regularly. However, in October 2020 I kinda had a writing meltdown and realized that writing fanfictions, blogs, and all the writing I do for my work made writing stressful. So I stopped. 

In October, my husband and I decided that we would relocate from Northern California to Southern California at the beginning of 2021. We moved out of our comfort zone because of a lot of reasons. One major reason was COVID hit us pretty hard, Financially COVID stripped out our savings. Jman, my husband, and I were wading through the stress of my working from home, living paycheck to paycheck and now our county shut down, and everything that 2020 brought along. And we decided to relocate.

So December 31, 2021, We packed up our 1-bed room apartment into a Penske truck and made the 400-mile trek to southern California, to move in with my family. Now I say family because my brother and sister live with my parents. So we were graciously added to the mix. Jman found a new job within two weeks of being down here and I continued to work from home. 

Life fell into normalcy, and suddenly it felt like I could breathe again. Jman had weekends for the first time in our relationship, my husband and I could do things on weekends. 

Throughout this big change, I learned a few things about myself. 

  1. Often I am my own worst enemy.  When I get afraid or nervous, I backtrack or even rebel to the point of stopping. I drive my husband insane with how many times I will pass something to him because I am so scared to do. However, God gives strength in unexpected areas.  Before we moved, we decided that I would need to drive our family car and my husband will need to drive the moving truck. I was very scared. This would be the longest time I’ve ever driven. And most of the time I don’t like driving. And on that long drive, I prayed and listened to music. God gave me the peace and strength to drive that long drive.
  1. Dreamworlds are different than reality. I often get caught up in dream worlds. I love happy endings and romance stories. However, in my head, I envisioned some things that were different when we moved. One such difference is that all our money problems would go away. They didn’t and amazon is still a thing, but we are learning new ways of saving and managing our money.
  1. I need to put a priority on my relationship with my Heavenly father. I am bad at relationships. I get busy and often forget to maintain relationships. In 2020 I forgot to emphasize my relationship with God. Like any relationship, I have to pour into it to get something back. Quiet times need to happen. One challenge I discovered is that where we live now, 3 people are morning people and 3 are not. Since I try not to wake up my husband I use the living room to do my quiet time, well sometimes one of my family members wants to talk to me. So I put in my earbuds and listen to hymns to do my quiet time. Once I’m done, then I connect with them and listen.
  1. Seeing God’s work is refreshing and awe-inspiring. Since we moved, Jman and I have been able to visit local zoos and that ability to take pictures of animals and just revel in God’s creation has been refreshing and awe-inspiring. Even at my parent’s house, they have trees that just shimmer in the sun and when the wind blows the entire backyard comes alive. Throughout this time it has helped me see the genius and creative nature of our heavenly Father in ways that I haven’t seen before or at least I forgot.
  1. Having a group of people who pray and put an emphasis on prayer has been super helpful. Just the days that life seems too big, I can reach out to these people and they pray. And I am reminded that God has control. It has made me thoughtful about my prayer life, and also thoughtful of the people to who I am connected in my life. And this group is all strangers except for the person who created the group, but we are all connected to pray for each other. 
  1. I am stronger than I realize. However, I can’t do anything without God. God provides the gas for my Car, God provided my work to be okay with me moving and allowed me to stay on. God provided technology to stay connected with my friends. God provided my family, especially my father’s giving heart, to stay with them until we can move. God provided Jman’s job and allowed us to have weekends. God provided the strength to even make the move. God provided the friends who supported us when we moved. God provided our parents who cheered us on as we made this big step. God chose my mother and siblings and gave their faith to challenge me and my husband.

Now I’ve answered where I’ve been. To all my followers thank you for your patience. I am grateful to take some time, breathe, and let something that I love so much not strangle me. I am hoping to resume blogging but I don’t know how many times a week I will be able to write. I am hoping to try to get one blog per week, I know it’s less but it allows me to ease back into writing regularly. And I want this to be a God-Ordained blog, meaning what he puts on my heart to talk about here. 

Thank You again, if you want to pray for my husband and me, please pray for wisdom.  We have some decisions such as housing when we should adopt or start that process, which church to go to, and other adulting decisions that my husband and I often get scared about making.

The LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

Psalm 121:8

TTFN(Ta-Ta for Now) and God Bless and Keep You:)

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  1. Love you!!


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    > daniewithanereflections posted: ” Where I’ve been? Hi Friends, first let > me introduce myself to the new members, My name is Danie Weaver, l used to > blog quite regularly. However, in October 2020 I kinda had a writing > meltdown and realized that writing fanfictions, blogs, and all the w” >


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