Struggles of Infertility

He knows my tears and catches them in his nail, scarred hands. However, my anger at God doesn’t change his plan. It does make his voice louder when he clears out the lies I tell myself, and then I turn back to him knowing that his plan is best and reasons are best.


What if we shook hands and saw past skin color? If we helped one another and hugged instead of shouted? If we lived for others instead of one? If we embraced our beautiful world full of Technicolor?

Grim news

It isn't a train but a star, much like a star that lead the wise men to Jesus and right now there is darkness but things will get better. The Son will rise again. And God will heal the world.


First thing: is prayer. I have talked about prayer and the importance of prayer. I believe that prayers are the thing that helps me with those moments when I am struggling with forgiveness. Prayer helps on those nights when I can't sleep because I am I struggling with hurtful words that are rolling around in my brain. I even pray with some people who are harmful to intent. I pray for God to pour forgiveness into my bitterness.