9 years ago today.

I did end up beating cancer. But the new normal was so different than the old normal. Rubbing alcohol turned my stomach now, jolly ranchers candies were no longer a candy I liked. Haircuts and other such things brought on anxiety. Anxiety and panic attacks became normal. Claustrophobia is a thing I deal with now. We moved from our one-bedroom apartment to living with our family. Jman shifted jobs, and I went back to work. Life was just about surviving.

Trees are beautiful Creatures

Trees are beautiful creatures Trees are beautiful creatures Lush and green Ripe in the spring With cherry blossoms And sweet magnolias gems Standing strong and tall Trees are beautiful creatures Until it’s dark and rainy Wind whipping They are a stationary Monster trying to Break free of their roots Hurling their leaves back and forth … Continue reading Trees are beautiful Creatures

He Understands…

He understands...He understands the pain.Whether from a nail piercing through the fleshOr a needle barely scratching the skin.Blood flows filled with love, sacrifice and redemption.He understands the feeling of abandonment.From a loved one.From a parent who turned a blind eye to suffering.But saving grace and forgiveness still resounds.He understands the suffering.Drawn out with no chance … Continue reading He Understands…


You tell us we need to take joy in trial of any kind When the bills never end? When the hurt is hard to be forgiven? You tell us we need to take joy in trial of any kind Even if the sickness never heals? Even if my world is crashing down? You tell us we need to take joy in trial of any kind?