More Life Lessons from my Sister

More Life Lessons from Sis

Today is my Sister’s Birthday or as I like to call her Sis. We are 3 years apart. She loves to laugh and smile and she has special needs. Sis is a wonderful person who loves deeply, uses no filters and if you are accepted by her she will love you till the time. She loves dogs, she love animated movies and her perfect day is staying home and watching movies and really resting. She is my mall brat buddy, my explore a comic store friend, my person who I watch princess movies and Sailor moon. She is such a beautiful person that I wanted to share some more life lessons that she taught me.

Widsome comes in all forms. I know I mentioned before how intelligent Sis is, but she also has widsome. She understand the meaning of rest, she understands right and wrong, she knows what is important and what isn’t. She loves so deepily and laughs so freely.

Laughter is important. My sister loves to play pranks on people. From leaving signs on someone’s door to pretending she is drunk at a theme park, she loves to laugh. Usually at my expense. She is so funny. But laughter is very important during the dark times and finding postivity in hard times is important as well. Just like the Bible says in Eccestiastes, there is a time for everything. Including laughter.

Open you eyes. Sis taught me how to read people and be observant. There were times that a family outing could change in an instant because her mood changed. Unlike most people who exploded, Sis implodes and gets quiet and then after a while explodes. However someone who does not know sis wouldn’t know what to look for. I’ve learned to be observant and read her emotions. Little did I know that it would have lead to being able to read everybody.

Being creative takes practice and bravery. Sis is an artist. She actually has published 3 comic books. She also loves to draw. She loves anything that has to do with creating with art. She is one of the most creative people I know. She practices every day. She also is very brave, when she paints she or writes she writes what makes her happy. She doesn’t care what others think.

There are other movies besides Disney that have beautiful animation. I am a hard cord Disney fan. But there is other beautiful animation studios that have produced beautiful movies. Sis loves all kinds of animation from Spongebob to Dreamworks and it’s beautiful and has expanded my horizons from just Disney.

Being a good friend and great sister is easy. I used to lament that my sister was so different from typical sisters. We never were able to have heart to heart conversations or braid eachothers hair. We did paint together, take adventures, roam the mall together, and in our worst days we were friends. It was a different relationship that I have with other women. I have sisters of the heart who God has provided to fill that void. But Sis is such a great sister, I was foolish to be missing out. She sends cards. She is compassionate, She loves with all her being. She is such a godly woman and teaches me everyday.

Matthew 12:49-50

49 Then he pointed to his disciples and said, “Look, these are my mother and brothers. 50 Anyone who does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother!”

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