Dear Future Baby

Today is poetry Saturday.


And I am sharing one of my own and one I have never shared.


This one I wrote when I going through a hard time and we weren’t trying to conceive yet because we knew it would be a situation not productive for a baby to thrive in.


It was at that time that I just need to get all my thoughts, and prayers and frustrations on to a page.  And it turned out to be prayers for when I have children and my prayers for them to thrive.

Dear future child

By Danie Weaver

Dear Future Child

Dear baby, you are not here yet

And right now it seems impossible.

But you will be loved.

As much as I would love to dream about you

I am reminded that it’s God’s timing

I want to make sure you have a home of your own

Not a borrowed one.

I want Grandma and Grandpa’s, Nana and Papa’s and the Grandpas’ house to be idyllic.

Not a place where you are shoved into a corner or forgotten.

I want Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa and the Grandpas to be

Fun grandparents much like my grandparents were for me

Not just people you live with.

Dear Baby

I know it might be a long time till I meet you.

I know God is in control

And I remind myself everyday about that but till then

Here are my prayers for you.

I pray you believe in Jesus

I pray you fear God but also respect his power and love

I pray you stand up for yourself.

I pray you delight in reading the bible

I pray you have a personal relationship with Jesus and he is your best friend.

I pray you stand up for others

I pray you pick your friends wisely

I pray you are always there for your friends

I pray you are not afraid to take leaps

I pray you always respect your grandparents

I pray you and your siblings are best friends

I pray you are a nerd

I pray never forget who you are

I pray you love without filters

I pray you always speak the truth in love

I pray you forgive us because we do love you little one

I pray you love yourself secondly to God because you will be handsome or beautiful

And when God blesses us with you know that you will be loved and cared for.

We will disagree, but I and your father will always love you.

Dear future baby

We love you

Love your future mama.

Though this dream hasn’t happened yet. These prayers are still the same today. It’s still the Lord’s timing. I take comfort in the fact God has a master plan. Happy Saturday my friends.

Exodus 15:13

With your unfailing love you lead

the people you have redeemed.

In you might, you guide them

to your sacred home. 

TTFN and God Bless and Keep you.


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