5 movies you need to watch!!!

5 movies you need to watch.


I’m going to be honest with you, Today my emotions are in flux. It happens every September since 2011 and the thought of writing another deep and emotional blog just seemed like something I couldn’t handle this morning.


So instead I decided that I would share 5 movies that made an impact on my life and 5 movies I will never watch.


I consider myself a little bit of movie buff. I remember going to the movies with my family and it was a solace. Thankfully Sis could go to the movies. We would smuggle snacks in and have family time. Sis could talk about the movie and we could connect over which characters we thought were funny and which lines made us laugh. Then started the super movie trend and Mother would insist for mother’s day we should go to the movies together and see the latest superhero flick. It’s one of our favorite family activities.


Movies were also my first steps toward independence. My friend and I would go during, we were in high school and not driving but we went to the movies. I even spent prom night at the movies with this dear girl. Some were busts and some were hits but it helped me to expand my movie love.


Jman came into the picture and movies were a staple. One of our favorite dates is dinner and movie. We love going to the movies. Again sometimes they are a bust but sometimes they are great.


Movies have also been one those things that I’ve used in my hard times to forget about the world. For 2 hours it is a normal moment and the protagonist problems put mine into perspective.


First disclaimer, we don’t see rated R movies. And I don’t watch horror movies.


Here are some movies I will never watch: Lord of the Flies, Cloverfield, Of Mice and Men, Twilight Saga, The Godfather, and Alien.


I know that the list is longer but I can’t think of any others

Here are 5 movies that made an impact and should be shared and watched.


#1 Bride Wars.  

Bride Wars is a hilarious romantic comedy about two best friends who end up having their wedding on the same day. It Stars Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, throughout the film Liv and Emma try to one-up each other’s wedding through hilarious antics. After chaos ensues, they realize their friendship is more important. I love that this story has multiple facets to the storyline. There is the love story between the couples and Marion( the wedding planner) has some truths about the last few days of planning a wedding. But also the love between two best friends. It’s a great film, very heartwarming and well acted.


#2 Radio.

Radio is an uplifting story about a young man who loves football and has a differing ability. It shows how he navigates the world and sees things in black and white. Ed Harris and Cuba Gooding Jr star in this film. The one scene I remember most is when tragedy befalls Radio and he won’t see anyone except his friend coach. He just sits on the floor and cries. Having a sister with a differing ability there have been many times when Sis has just cried. Over toys, or falls. It is always heartbreaking for Sis, and to be the one who comforts her is hard just to have her breathe.  The film’s approach to showing how the world responds to Radio is refreshing. Radio is loved, respected and cared for even though he is different.


#3 Up

Up, if you have spent any time on the internet you know the saying that Up has a better love story than Twilight . I love Up because it’s a story of how love never fails and it doesn’t end just because life changes. Carl Fredrickson is a grumpy old man but he is not a monster, He takes young Russel with him and embraces life as it comes. Carl has seen many worlds and wants to have an adventure. He gets an adventure and so much more. It’s a beautiful film that allows the watcher to be fully immersed in the world. And let’s be honest, having a house fly with balloons sounds amazing to me.


#4 I can only Imagine.

I can only Imagine, The most recent film on this list. It’s about a relationship between a father and son and overcoming the worst relationship ever. It’s a story about forgiveness and love and perseverance. J. Michael Finley and Dennis Quaid star in this Christian film. Not only is this a story of forgiveness. It shows the true love my Heavenly Father bestows on everyone. It shows through only God can change a person and that life is hard but it can be rewarding. This film acting is amazing It’s a beautiful journey through someone’s life and how God softened their heart.


#5 Finding Dory.

Finding Dory,  It’s a magical film that takes place in the ocean and creates a world through the eyes of fish. It’s beautiful down to the minutiae that float in the waves. Dory is the standout character for myself, she is funny and witty but she also struggles every day with short-term memory loss. Dory sees the world through a unique lens and its refreshing to meet a Disney character who is not afraid to hide her struggle.  Dory never really overcomes her struggles, she copes and has tools to help her. However, there is no need to cure Dory. She is accepted regardless if she can remember or not.


There are five films you need to watch. Thanks for giving me a reprieve from the overwhelming emotions.


What do you do to forget real life? Do you have 5 movies people need to watch? Let us know in the comments.


Philippians 4:1

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters,[a] stay true to the Lord. I love you and long to see you, dear friends, for you are my joy and the crown I receive for my work.


TTFN and God Bless and Keep you:)


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