Christ in Christmas

Christ in Christmas

Good Morning Friend, how are you today? It is 9 days to Christmas, and this year the season seems extra busy. However, Yesterday I was able to attend two Christmas Performances, and watching the children at our Church remind me what the true meaning of Christmas was.

THen last night, we went to a beautiful Christmas play that reminded us of beautiful old Christmas songs and an incredible story, told me of the true meaning of Christmas again.

Now, dear friend, I did not forget about Christmas, but I did get wrapped into the stress of the season. With family coming in, Christmas Performances at work, and parties, gifts, and things, I allowed my pressure to let me forget what Christmas was about.

Christmas is not about gifts, or lights, or even stars. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. Jesus came as an innocent baby to save the world as a man. A baby who was raised by a woman. Who had to learn how to walk, and talk, and learned how to experience the world. I have often wondered what it was for Jesus as a child. 

Did Jesus struggle when he saw the wrongs of this world? Like I have when I see someone mistreated. Did he get angry with the darkness of this world? Like Jman does sometimes. Did Jesus have lots of friends, or was he an outcast? Did Jesus like learning in school, or did he prefer being outside and observing God’s creation? Did Jesus have Autism or something else that made him different outwardly? 

Did Jesus feel outcasted from his family? 

I take joy in the fact that Jesus was human. He probably stubbed his toe and skinned his knees. He might have even peeled the skin on his fingers when he got upset like I do when I am stressed to prevent people from knowing I am stressed. Also, if Jesus was without sin, he probably still had pain. 

Christmas is about Jesus and his incredible sacrifice to save the world, to save his family, and all the people who believe in him saved people who would live after him. The gift of Jesus is eternal life, to be saved from the world, and darkness, and live with God in Heaven. 

Mary responded, “Oh, how my soul praises the Lord. How my spirit rejoices in God, my Savior! For the Mighty One is holy, and he has done great things for me.

Luke 1:46-47, 49

TTFN and God bless and keep you.

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