This is the day that the Lord has made and I choose to give thanks.

Today it is the day that Lord has made let us be glad and rejoice in it.

   Today is a Monday, and as I know I have a busy week full of meetings, emails that I have to respond too, Classes I have to teach, unexpected things I need to account for, people I will need to interact with, situations that will make my spongy heart feel like it on it is on overload, meals I will need to make, groceries need to be bought, chores will need to be done, and I have an important test to take on Saturday. It can seem overwhelming for someone like me.

   I often have heard the old saying “This is the day that Lord has made and let us be glad and rejoice in it. And my Anne Shirly side sees this saying as getting up with the sun and going somewhere to watch the sun and celebrate on a mountain top.  However, as much as I like Anne Shirly, rejoicing from a mountain top is not practical for it being a Monday. And I have to go to work today.

   So today I choose to rejoice and instead of complaining. I rejoice. And this is more important than complaining.

   Thank You, God, for our apartment and that rent is paid till May.

   Thank You, God, for the internet and music on youtube that allows my music junky heart to be soothed.

   Thank you, God, for my husband, Jman, who helps me get my breakfast and whenever we drive he is okay driving.

   Thank You, God, for the job that I have, and even though it is challenging, it is a blessing.

   Thank you, God, for allowing me to have a fun birthday, and you kept the feelings of homesickness, missing my family and loneliness away.

   Thank You, God, that I am Cancer free.

   Thank You God for Fight Song, Overcomer, Stronger, and Come to this Fount.

   Thank You, God, for the fandoms and movies that give my brain a reprieve.

   Thank You, God, for our Church and our Pastor who has made such an impact on my faith.

   Thank you, God, for Jman, and his striving to ease my late at night fears, that are usually when I’m tired and have no filter.

   Thank You, God, for Minnie, Ariel, Toothless, and Donald Duck who allow me to smile when my heart feels heavy.

   Thank you, God, for poetry.

   Thank You, God, for the Bible,

   Thank You, God, for the groceries that you will provide this week.

   Thank you God for the Gas you will provide this week.

   Thank You, God, for the challenges that will happen this week and when I am going through it will be so tired and frustrated to remember to say thank you.

   Thank You, God, for the wisdom you will give us.

   Thank you, God, for the strength to get up today.

   Thank You, God, for the uncomfortable people you send into my life this week because that means I get to continue growing.

   Thank You God for the time Jman, and I get to spend together, there were moments of doubt these moments will happen.

   Thank You, God, for the dreams you have given me. Having children, and a couple of dogs.

   Thank You, God, for my family.

   Thank you, God, for Jman’s family, including his Granny who is such a kindred spirit.

   Thank You, God, for his Dad and his Step Dad, who help us strive to find the true meaning of loving thy neighbor.

   Thank you, God, for the things I own. The beautiful items that may seem silly to someone else but are lovely for me.

   Thank You, God, for my friends who check in when life seems crazy.

   Thank You, God, for my Readers and Subscribers, who take time each Monday to read my blog.

   Thank You, God, for my ability to write.

   Thank You, God, for April and this being the month in 2012 that Chemo was done.

   Thank you God for good doctors.

   Thank You, God, for the opportunities you have given me.

   Thank You, God, for the peace that passes understanding.

For since our friendship with God was restored by the death of his Son while we were still his enemies, we will certainly be saved through the life of his Son.

Romans 5:10

TTFN and God Bless and Keep you.

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