Pieces of Me

Hi everyone, it’s poetry Saturday!!! I taught I am poems this week to my poetry students and thought I would share one of my own.

Pieces of Me

By Danie Weaver

Who I AM…

I am a Prosser,

I am a Weaver,

I am a Child of God,

I am a comic book fan,

I am a music junky,

I am a lover of spring,

I am a flower who blossoms when the sun is out,

I am a chocoholic,

I am a SF Giant watcher,

I am an American Mutt,

I am Irish,

I am Scots,

I am Czech,

I am German,

I am a California girl,

I am fascinated with animals,

I am a Bones fanatic,

I am Christian,

I am sister,

I am a daughter,

I am a niece,

I am a granddaughter,

I am a Wife,

I am a reader,

I am a musical attendee,

I am a flower lover cursed with a black thumb,

I am a wisher,

I am a dreamer,

I have an English degree,

I am blessed,

I am independent,

I am strong willed,

I am hot headed,

I am stubborn,

I am a lover of horses, dolphins, tigers, bulldogs and golden retrievers,

I am enjoyer of all things Disney,

I am a ship follower of Olicity, Clois, Captian Swann, Hinny, Hiccstrid, Everlark and Ronimony

I wished I was Laura, Anne and Katie.

I am a reader,

I am a Cancer patient,

I am a red head,

I am a follower of Christ,

I am an attendee to National Parks,

I am a movie lover

I am a fan of Batman, Wonder Woman, Rogue and Gambit and sometimes Superman if Lois Lane is in the comic,

I am a sister-in-law,

I am a daughter-in-law,

I am cousin,

I am a cousin-in-law,

I am a granddaughter-in-law,

I am a friend,

I am nearsighted,

I am cursed with an astigmatism,

I am a seafood lover,

I am kind of a vegetable eater,

I am a big cat lover,

I am a dog lover,

I am guinea pig lover,

I am a Chef (kind of),

I am a foodie,

I am a baker (again kind of),

I am a prayer,

I am afraid of falling,

I dislike thunderstorms,

I am afraid of any crocodilians,

I am afraid of being alone,

I am afraid of evil aliens,

I am afraid of the end times but happy I won’t be here to see them,

I am not an attendee of horror movies,

I am not a fan of cursing, drinking, smoking or condiments,

I do not like Chocolate cake, soy beans, peas, or walnuts,

I do not watch movies with stars I don’t like

I do not like chemo,

I do not like windy roads,

I am an April baby,

I am a person who believes in hope, miracles, prayer and smiles,

I am Danielle sometimes,

I am Danie sometimes,

I am feeling good,

I am at peace right now,

I am an enjoyer of sunshine, warm days, starry nights and wind through trees,

I am horrible at math, grammar, football and with money,

I am a fan of Ariel, Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Jessie, Wall-E, Aladdin, Hercules, Meg, Tarzan, Jane, Mulan, the Incredible, Nemo and Baymax,

I am Me.

Ephesians 4:23-24:

23 Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. 24 Put on your new nature, created to be like God—truly righteous and holy.

TTFN and God Bless and Keep you:)

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