Disney World is a Dream and Happy endings.

Disney World is a Dream


I am a Disney fan. I have been since I was a child. The first movie I remember watching was Little Mermaid and I fell in love with the spirited young mermaid.  Disney was family times, watching movies that we rented from Blockbuster then buying them. Going to Disneyland when we could. Even Sis who doesn’t like fast rides wants to come to Disneyland.


I first went to Disney World when I graduated from high school and it was such a fun trip. My parents took us and it was amazing. It was the first time flying as a family and I learned the value of traveling with someone who was very tall. As Californians, we thought the weather in Florida was hilarious.


I mentioned that Jman and I went to Disney World on our honeymoon in 2010. But even 8 years later we still reflect on the memories. And the impact it made on us.


It was so magical. I know I’ve mentioned this before but at first, I thought traveling to Disney World with Jman would be hard because of his special diet. He is dairy free and I thought that would limit us to burgers and hot dogs. I was very wrong. We ate like kings and every restaurant we went to we met the Chef. That attention to detail to personally make sure what he could eat was astounding.  Then every restaurant gave him dessert!! Which for a couple that one of us is dairy free and the other is not a normal thing. Being able to enjoy dessert together is rare unless I make it and it’s homemade.

We had a blast eating dessert and embracing life as a married couple and Disney World made us feel normal.


We were treated like rock stars. We wore Disney wedding ears and there were guests who stopped us and gave us high fives, pins, congratulations.  We were called out in parades by characters. We treated like royalty and it was magical and amazing. We were given free desserts and just enjoyed being together.


One of the most magical things we experienced at Disney World was meeting the characters.  We met so many characters and each of the interactions was funny. However, our favorite is meeting Prince Eric and Ariel. It was our last day at the park and we stood in line early in the morning. We met Prince Eric and Ariel. I’ve met Ariel before but never Eric. Eric immediately asked Jman if he had to fight off a switch to be able to marry me. He said no.  THose moments are what make Disney amazing.


If you are planning a honeymoon and want a recommendation.  Go to Disney World. It will be magical and amazing.


Luke 12: 32

“So don’t be afraid, little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom.


TTFN and may God Keep you and bless you.


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