Rogue and how she shaped my life.

I became aware of Superheroes and the world of Graphic Novels when I was a sophomore in High School.  It was 2001, August and my family were visiting Mammoth California. I wasn’t feeling good and needed some alone time from my family, so as my cousins, and siblings planned a trip to the spa I laid down on a hotel couch and started flipping through channels. I landed on the 2000 X-men movie and fell in love with the world of superheroes.

Hold on I feel like you need a backstory here. In early 2001 my Parents decide to move our family from Southern California to Northern California, our move date was scheduled for the middle of August.  My dad moved up to Northern California in May. He came down for occasional weekends but for the most summer, our family unit was separated. I grew a lot that summer but also got very angry. Flash forward to Mammoth, my dad was able to come for a part this vacation. We had such a fun time hiking, visiting waterfalls, being a family. Then Dad had to go back to work. I remember breaking down, even though I knew I would see him in a week for the move.  My mom and I walked back to our room and then mom told me just to relax and don’t worry about the rest of the afternoon.

I found X-men and it was a distraction from the pain and anger I felt. My brother and sister came back, and I remember my brother and I watching this movie together not saying much but transfixed by these people who were saving the world with superpowers.

We moved, and my world changed. I was angry and lonely. I started reading more graphic novels, and my mom and I would spend days off from school to go check out comic stores. I fell in love with the X-men and then the Marvel universe. My favorite super gal is Rogue, who was also lonely because she couldn’t physically touch anyone. I related to her on the same way I related to Ariel from Little Mermaid. It was simple and uncomplicated. Rogue was lonely and navigating the world with a mutant power and I was trying to navigate being a teenager, live in a new place, make friends, and navigate how my faith could last this trial and deal with my constant anger.

I realized my relief wouldn’t come from superheroes but through Jesus Christ and his redemptive power.  I learned that if you memorize verses they can be a relief during those times when tempers flare. Forgiveness is something given easily but that doesn’t mean we have to go back to where we were. I learned that prayer is really the best medicine to get through the day.

In college and later in life, Superheroes and I kind walked parallel roads. What I mean is that I would still buy comics occasionally and would follow the stories. Another thing I learned about fictional worlds are great, but they are fictional. Sometimes we need to put the book down and pick up our Bible. We need real connections and feel the pain of the world.  And Jesus is the only deliverer in the world.

I still love graphic novels, still love superheroes but they have reminded me to keep my eyes focused on Christ.  Thankfully I married someone who loves superheroes as much as I do. We often have conversations about which universe is better or who would win in a fight. Our favorite date night is dinner and watching a superhero movie. My hubby also reminds me that Christ is the only redeemer of this fallen world.   Jesus Christ redeemer is truly the best superhero our world needs.

Psalm 57:1-2

Have mercy on me, My God, have mercy on me, for in you I take refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.

TFFN and God Bless and Keep you. 🙂



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