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But I also need to remind myself that this holiday season is not about gifts, or business, or even gifts. This holiday season is about sacrifice, love, and gratefulness. God Sacrificed, his son, sent him to earth to save the world. God sacrificed his ability to spend time with Jesus so that Jesus can save the world but also know humans on the basic level that we all share humanity. We all learn to walk, talk, eat, and breathe the same way. We bleed from paper; we bruise from hitting our toes, we cry at sad things. As a human race, we all know what it’s like to hurt, laugh, and cry. Jesus got to experience it, as well. 

 Love is the love of Father who gave his son. But we also celebrate Mary and Joseph, who embraced this gift from God and allowed that love to spread to their families. Mary loved Jesus knowing that he was hers but also God’s, and she taught Jesus to love on a human level. Christmas and Thanksgiving is that time of year when strangers seem more prone to enjoy. Kindness and good cheer are passed around like eggnog. 

 Finally gratefulness. Gratefulness that God cared enough not to plunge the earth into fire and brimstone. Gratefulness that God is merciful and loves and forgives unconditionally. For myself, my gratefulness stems from being here for another Christmas and Thanksgiving. Being a cancer survivor and going through cancer treatments, there was a fear that Christmas, when I went through, procedures were going to be my last. And the ironic thing was I felt sick the entire Christmas. Gratefulness that I have a family who loves me. I am just grateful to be breathing. Christmas is one of those holidays where I feel happy and sad at times, but this is okay. Life moves on in seasons, and sometimes those seasons are of sadness. But there are moments of happiness, joy, beauty, and love.

Make them holy by your truth; teach them your word, which is the truth.

John 17:17 NLT

TTFN and God Bless you and Keep You:)

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