My Parents

My Parents.


Tomorrow is Mother’s birthday.


I thought I would share what I love and learned about both Mother but also Papa Bear. Mother is a gypsy, dreamer, and kind. Papa Bear is smart, hardworking and prays unceasingly, and loves to laugh Together my parents balance each other and are an unshakeable team, a united force to be reckoned with.  They have been married 35 years. I am truly grateful that God chose these two to be my parents. Mother’s love for nature and Papa Bear’s love of animals meant we often took trips to National Parks. I have many friends, and even Jman hasn’t been to as many National Parks I have and that’s very special. Mother and Papa Bear are always proud and supportive of their kids and pray for them unceasingly.  


I learned many things from my parents.  Here is my list.


  1. Loving a family member is not optional.


Papa Bear instilled this in me. We always have family members who are sometimes more difficult to love. But loving is not optional, you have to love them. Much like the Bible says that you love your neighbor, Papa Bear would tell me regardless of what they do, they are family and you need to love them. Loving a difficult person can be exhausting but it is the easiest way to show them, Jesus.


  1. God never gives us more than we can handle


Mother would say this when I was frustrated with Sis or when life seemed to strangle. God never gives us more than we can handle. As I’ve grown and even when I battling cancer this would bring me comfort. After I while I would say this with pride because I knew God thought highly of me because he challenged me so much.


  1. Prayer works


My parents pray for myself and Jman.  They pray for Dude and Sis. They pray when I text them about having a bad day. They spend time in prayer together. Praying is powerful and it works. Papa Bear’s favorite  example is when we were going to move across the state. He told God exactly what he needed for his family and God provided everything and more. Prayer is the only way to communicate with God. and It works. They pray for my future children, they prayed for Jman before they ever met him, they pray for my siblings’ future spouses.


  1. A word aptly spoken is like golden apples.


A word aptly spoken is like golden apples. Or a better example, I am responsible for the words, my actions and most importantly my temper. Both Mother and Papa Bear, worked with me, disciplined me when I had a bad temper. They challenged me to pray for a better temper and for years that was my morning prayer. Dear God, please help me to control my temper. They cared about how my anger and attitude would affect my temper and growing up.  I was disciplined. I was lectured on trips, in restaurants however my parents knew that this was something that I needed help with and that if I short lease I could make the trip miserable for everyone else. My parents saw this and helped me with this. They also forgave me for my mess ups.


  1. Studying the Bible is important.


Papa Bear worked hard. Often getting up at the crack of dawn so he could go to work but he would always have his bible with him at breakfast. Then after working all day, he would come home then lead a Bible study with his kids. Complete with blankets that were multicolored coats, containers full of water that illustrated the red sea, or corny traveling songs. Papa Bear made the Bible real for us.  We first had communion with my parents at home where we could ask all the questions we could.


And during Christmas eve, amid all the hustle and bustle Papa Bear always brought our focus back to Jesus. Even today we are all adults. He pauses Christmas eve and we read the bible and focus on Christmas is about Jesus.  


  1. Family time is important.


I’m not sure who started this tradition, every birthday my Parents would allow us to pick a place to go and spend time as a family. We went to comic book museums, Pier 39, the zoos. We also each got to choose a trip when we graduated from High School. My parents helped cultivate relationships between Sis, Dude, and I. We are very close.  We spent time as a family. If there was a big event we all went to support our family member whether it be water polo games, art in museums or bridal showers. We were all there supporting each other.


  1. God’s love is unfailing


In all our troubles, and struggles my Parents taught me the most important thing. God’s love is unfailing. No matter what scrapes I end up in. God doesn’t stop loving me.  God love is unconditional and unceasing. My parents are great parents and often their love reflects the love God gives. My Parents love me when I mess up. They support me in little endeavors and big endeavors. They tell us they are proud of us.  God shares his pride we just have to turn down the noise to hear him. My parents love me and nothing will change that.


TTFN and God Bless you and Keep you.


Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

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