6 lessons I learned from My Sis.

6 Life Lessons I’ve learned from the best Sister in the world.

I am the oldest of three siblings and I believe they are some of the best people in the world. My sister, in particular, is especially special. She is an artist painting and drawing in bright colors. She loves dogs and loves Disney. Her faith is uncluttered and genuine and inspiring.

My sister also has special needs. The clinical diagnosis is high functioning mentally retarded, which means for Sis, she processes things differently, does things differently and sees the world uniquely.

Sis is a blessing in my life. She constantly helps me examine my faith and how I see the world.

She has taught me so much and today I’m going to share some of those things with you.

  1. It is okay to be yourself and love yourself.

Sis, she is not afraid to be herself. She will wear what she loves, the shops where she shops and basically doesn’t care what others think about. God made Sis who she is. And she takes comfort in the fact that God doesn’t make mistakes.

  1. Forgiveness is not as hard as I make it seem.

Sis is a saint. She doesn’t hold grudges. I wasn’t the nice older sister, at times, but Sis always forgave me. If I held her toys for ransom, she would forgive me. If I took something from her room and broke it she would forgive me. Sis would forgive me quickly, and forget about what happened. Forgiveness was something that came easily to her. I’ve learned that forgiveness is easy, as easy as just giving a hug.

  1. Sitting on a bench is important at times.

Sis has trouble walking. It’s okay, it just makes her who she is. But there are times when taking time out of your busy schedule and just sitting on the bench is important. I can’t tell you how many time Sis and I have sat on a bench and seen something remarkable. Whether it be Mickey walking by at Disneyland, and Cop on a horse in La Jolla, or a person walking a dog in the mall. Sis and I have seen some remarkable things while sitting on a bench. Take time out of our busy lives and stop and rest. Rest is important even God rested.

  1. Enjoying the wonder of life.

Sis has a great sense of wonder. Christmas lights on houses. Baby animals. Dragons. Sis finds the wonder in all these things and she has taught me that there is the wonder in everything. But you have to open to seeing it. Much like taking time to rest, I need to remember to see the wonder of all things. God made this beautiful world and often we overlook. We sometimes have to look through the eyes of an artist to see the smallest details.

  1. Intelligence comes in many forms.

SIs is very intelligent. She would take things apart and then put them back together. Sis would observe things that seem complicated then offer a simple solution. Intelligence is not always being book smart. It’s sometimes being able to read people, being able to fix things, try new things. Sometimes it is being there for others even when it makes you uncomfortable.


  1. Disney movies are helping to turn a bad day into a good day.

I can’t tell you how many times Sis and I have turned a bad day into a good day with a Disney movie.  101 dalmatians are Sis’s favorite, and I have probably seen it a million times but if we have the hard day. Disney is the thing that helps us feel better. I remember one time I was sad or mad or something had happened. And my mother came into the room and told Sis that she had one job. To watch Disney movies with me. I still felt sad but I could smile. The same thing when Sis is having a bad day, I put on a Disney movie and she can smile. Soon we are laughing. And the world seems right again.

Proverbs 3:15-18

She is worth more than rubies.

   Nothing you want can compare with her.

16 Long life is in her right hand.

   In her left hand are riches and honor.

17 Her ways are pleasant ways.

   All her paths lead to peace.

18 She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her.

   Those who hold her close will be blessed.

TTFN and God bless you and keep you.

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