About Me:)

About Me.

Hello, I noticed I have a lot more followers then I did when I started this blog almost 2 years ago in July. What began then as just an avenue to get my writing out there has morphed something else, and throughout this journey, I have learned some things and struggled. 

I am getting ahead of myself, sorry I suffer from randomness.

My name is Danie Weaver. I am 34 years. A fandom lover. The fandoms I love are too many to list, but the top 5 are as follows: Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, NCIS, and Musicals. There are a lot more. I am a music junky, often having a song stuck in my head. Some of my favorite songs include: Come thou Fount, Overcomer, Stronger, Use me Here, and Strong Enough. However, I love Country, Pop, and Showtunes as well as the Christian contemporary I was raised on. 

I married my best friend and my prince Jman in 2010.

In 2011 God sent the biggest curveball. I am a cancer survivor. I beat Hodgkins Lymphoma. At 25, Cancer isn’t a word in your vocabulary. However, after 6 months of Chemo and 1 month of Radiation, I beat Cancer. People don’t tell you when fighting a life-threatening disease that you will feel every emotion possible and some that aren’t named yet. They don’t tell you that it causes you to fear doctors, and every September will make you feel gloomy the entire month except for your anniversary. However, even that has a sour note sometimes because I was diagnosed a week before my first wedding anniversary. You hear all the cliches like life’s too short, and you put your family first, and this is true. Vacations are no longer a maybe or maybe not, but yes, let’s go. 

Throughout this journey, one constant thing is God. Now don’t get me wrong. There was a moment when I evaluated if I wanted to stay a follower of God. Knowing that God gave me everything I had gone through. However, walking away from God and leaving things up to chance, scared me more than trusting God. God is the person who provided the home the three times we moved because our finances were tight. God is sent forgiveness when arguments and tiredness made Jman and I angry at each other. God sent the wisdom that my relationship with Jman is more critical than the 2 jobs he was working and the financial stability it brought. God is one who carries me through the struggles of infertility. God is one who sends friends when I struggle with loneliness. God is the one who provides the apartment that I rent and the food I eat. God also provided Jman and knew I need him on my darkest days.

I believe in God because I’ve seen what he does. Sometimes the smallest things as a flower or kind text are God breaking through the noise of 2020. 

2020 Started with I making an effort to be present. God put me where I am, and I will be God’s hands and feet. No, this doesn’t mean I have days that I don’t get frustrated or feel like I am stuck, but God-ordained 2020 and knew what would happen. 

I am a poet, a writer, a sponge, and I take things too dearly to heart, I am a ginger. I am a photographer. I also write Fanfics. You can follow them here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/RoguePrincessDanie86. I am bad at math and grammar.

My happy places include the beach, Disneyland, or even my own living room sipping tea.

This blog is an safe place to express my processing brain and make sense of the world. Moment by moment, the laughter and the tears.

This blog is a view into the way my mind works. And how I see the world. I also strive to keep it positive, so I will try to never bash someone in this blog. Often times, my words are God-ordained, where the idea comes from God. I see the beauty in unusual, and I am frank, but I tell the truth, I try to say it in love. 

I spell my name with E. It stems from my love of Anne of Green Gables, and because I am rebelling and will spell my name differently from the society says is correct. 

I close every blog with a Bible verse and this sentence. TTFN, which is an old saying from Tigger from Winnie the pooh. Meaning Ta-ta for now, and May God Bless you and Keep you. I believe God blesses and keeps everyone, and it’s just a gentle reminder that no matter what I am struggling with, I am being cared for by God.   

I will walk by faith even when I cannot see. 2nd Corthitians 5:7

Thank You for reading today.

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