The mind of a hopeless romantic

The mind of a hopeless romantic

 Good Morning friends. I took last week off due to the holiday. What’s new with you? How is life? My life is busy, and work starts again this week. Combine that with worries for upcoming events, the stress of paying bills, and just the busyness of the season can create me to want to lose my mind. 

 One of my outlets is Fandom. We all know this. I am a huge fangirl. One thing that goes with being a fangirl is I am hopeless romantic. I saw a tee-shirt once that said I have more OTPs than friends. For those who do not speak Fangirl, OTPs are the term for One True Pair. Or in otherwise that couple we hope will get together. In Fandom speak, we use the term ship( as in a relationship). We often say things like we ship them, or lately, I’ve heard we stan them. 

 Being a hopeless romantic has lead to some exciting discoveries throughout my life. 

 I think the first one is what is my definition of love. 

 What is love? Is it a love where you will be with someone even though you can never physically touch them? Or a love where it’s a partnership? Or is it the meeting of the minds? A shared experience? Or just enjoying the beauty of life together? Is love sacrificial or self-sabotaging? Is love eternal or just instant? Or finally is love just only two beings sharing the same air and watching a movie in their living room. 

 True love is probably all of those things, but it is also how 1 Corinthians 13 describes it. Love is patient, it is kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, it is not proud, it does not delight in other’s suffering, love speaks the truth and doesn’t delight in evil or gets angry. Love forgives. Love protects, trusts, perseveres and always hopes. True love never fails. 

 Love is all these things, but only if both parties are ready to commit to all of these things. If one person in a relationship is not prepared to accept and work toward all these, then the relationship will not last. 

 The person who everyone ships may not be the right person. I know I’m taking fictional characters and relating them to real life. But just as art imitates life, so do fictional characters. Often in the Fandom, I find people who ship a couple so hard because of the chemistry, or these two people are “good together” however, this relationship may not be right. The people in these relationships need to focus on what they believe and know about others. Then they need to decide if they choose to love this person, then love them and be prepared for the onslaught of naysayers. And stand behind your choice, this is true for fictional ships as well.

 Love is a partnership. It isn’t domineering or demanding one person be better than the other, but love is an equal partnership. Some of my favorite ships, the two characters, understood that above everything else that they needed to be invested in each other. So sometimes, that meant stripping down to those uncomfortable moments which cause tears. Two people in a relationship not only need to be invested but devoted to each other. I have this strange idea of love where two people need at a party, across the room, able to check in with each other. 

 Finally, love might be walking in the rain to announce your feelings, but it may be standing in the parking lot, hoping not to spend too much money on a car repair. Love is just being present and not moving forward until you are ready. You get to make that decision. 

 [ Jesus Christ Is God’s Son ] Long ago God spoke many times and in many ways to our ancestors through the prophets. And now in these final days, he has spoken to us through his Son. God promised everything to the Son as an inheritance, and through the Son, he created the universe.

Hebrews 1:1-2 NLT

TTFN and God Bless you and Keep you

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