Change my mind

Changing my mind

Have you ever had this thing happen: You tell a friend about a dislike that you have an now that friend feels to change my mind about that thing. I recently had that happen with the topic of Halloween. Now before you start screaming in the comments about how I should like Halloween.

I haven’t like Halloween for years. When I was younger, it was a little nerve-wracking going to our neighbor’s doors and asking for candy. My mom must have known this because then we started going to church functions. As I became a teenager. Halloween was filled with “You’re too big to be dressing up” (Which I wasn’t I was just tall) “What’s your costume?” (After working hard to construct a costume from regular clothes) And finally, many people saying “You should be this instead of your costume” (Which was probably the most hurtful). Mix this all together with the demon worship I see on Halloween and how I feel like this is a holiday that, as Christians, we shouldn’t bend our beliefs to adapt to the world.

 Now, these are all my opinions.

 A friend of mine decided to change my long-standing opinion of Halloween at work last week, and I felt disrespected. Like I don’t even know my own thoughts and feelings.

 This happens a lot, actually. I will state my opinions of something, and all of a sudden, it’s the other person’s goal to help me come around to their point of view. Mostly I never budge. Afterward, I feel drained, unsure of myself of my mind, and angry at my friend for not trusting my opinion. 

 However, I have learned that this is not biblical. The Bible has specific instructions about meeting the other person where they are and attempting to see and learn about them through their eyes. Jesus often met his followers on the streets, or by wells, or even in leprosy camps. He never held a meeting and demanded people to come to him. Jesus came to them. 

 Jesus just loved and cared for the people, and aways allowed them to make their own decisions. And if someone had a different opinion than others, he still loved them and served them. 

 I believe that the world needs to work on this aspect of human experience. It’s more than walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. It’s being able to sit down with someone different than you and watching how they eat their dinner and if disagreements happen. We, as humans, should be able to listen to the other person and not have to feel like they are on the same side as I am. The Bible does not command that we love each other and then make them believe the same I do, no it ordered to be light in a dark world. To be slow to speak and slow to become angry but quick to listen.  

 Jesus spent time listening, caring, serving, and finally being with people, and if they didn’t agree with him, he still loved them prayed for them, and eventually forgave them. His last act before death was praying for them and pleaded for their forgiveness for their sins.

 Again these are my opinions. I hope you feel like this space where you can share your opinion without judgment, prejudice, and disdain. Please know that I am praying for you and care about you.

Luke 23:34

34 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” [f] And the soldiers gambled for his clothes by throwing dice.[g]

TTFN and God Bless you and keep you:)

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