My wellbeing well

Some Tips for when you are drained.

 How are you?? How was your weekend? Today I feel like my well of wellbeing is dry. I’m tired from not sleeping well the past couple of nights, at my work, I was given more hours, and this means my schedule changed. When Ever Jman and I work schedules changes, it takes about two weeks to adjust to that change. I’m still in the adjustment time frame. 

 It is hard to be a servant when I am drained. I work in a job where I am always God’s hands, and the amount of giving of myself sometimes will make me feel drained. 

 So what do I do to help myself feel revived? Because as straightforward as it would be to say, I can’t go into work for a week. Life doesn’t work like that. If I take time off, I still have bills I need to pay, always have things I need to do, the world still turns. 

 Here are somethings that I learned to help refill my wellbeing well.

Live for the moment. 

So when I am stressed, I often try to plan out my week. And I’ll admit this makes me more stressed because now I have things that I am focusing on. Kind of like when I wear a watch, I become obsessed with what time it is. So on weeks that I am stressed, I try not to schedule too much because I know it will add to my stress. Another thing I do if I need to plan something I will do it for the following week, then I know I could have a week to regroup. Living for the moment is hard sometimes, but if we are always busy, we miss the beauty of hummingbirds or butterflies. Or even a student who is reaching out to talk.

I try to stick to my daily routine. 

Okay, unlike schedule, I often find my self when I a drained that when I am trying to cram other things into my daily routine. Then I make mistakes and become forgetful. However, if I stick to get up, get dressed, fix my hair, make my tea, read my devotional, then write or whatever else I do. The autopilot things help me not have to focus on the day and live for the moment.

Devotionals are important.

I know what your thinking; I’m exhausted, and Now I have to talk to God and read his word? Yes. Especially on days when I am exhausted. Lately, I have been enjoying Our Daily Bread, a short devotional on a website that incorporates verse and reflecting on the world around us. I realized that reading a devotional about a topic makes me bored, so one that is a lot less structured I enjoy. Somedays, however, devotionals are just rereading verses that encourage me. 

Surround your self with positivity. 

When My wellbeing well is drained, it is so easy to become snappish and snarky deflecting my hurts on to others. However, this is not loving or respectful. So I avoid Facebook. There are so many angry people on facebook, and being an empath like I make it hard not to absorb all those emotions. I listen to positive music and avoid angry people. 

I keep myself open to blessings. 

In the weeks that I feel faint, I become more aware of blessings, or I am more open to counting my blessings. Everything thing is a blessing. From a cup a tea to sitting with my husband and talking about fandoms. It is those moments that are blessings with beauty if I can be intentional. 

Breathe this too will pass.

I know that the time of being tired, and my wellbeing well will refill. This moment I feel tired, but it will pass. I know this because God’s promise never to give more than we can handle. He will allow for this moment will pass, and at some point, I will be not so exhausted.

I take joy in doing your will, my God, for your instructions are written on my heart.”

Psalm 40:8 NLT

TTFN and God Bless and Keep You. 

One thought on “My wellbeing well

  1. Yes, I will try your recommendation: focus on now.

    Love, L*>*

    On Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 8:59 AM Danie with an E reflections wrote:

    > daniewithanereflections posted: ” Some Tips for when you are drained. How > are you?? How was your weekend? Today I feel like my well of wellbeing is > dry. I’m tired from not sleeping well the past couple of nights, at my > work, I was given more hours, and this means my schedule cha” >


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