Jman is a huge baseball fan. He follows his San Francisco Giants throughout the 162 games in the season. He knows all the players, and if he had time to watch more of the games he would. I like baseball but I’m a person who doesn’t like confrontation, so when there are people who are yelling even in a good way, it makes me nervous and feels uncomfortable. I understand baseball a lot better than other sports. I will watch if it’s on or if we have tickets for a game.

   This week Jman and I had a curveball thrown at us. How do I respond to curve balls you ask?? Usually, I go through different stages.

   First stage shock. It usually takes me some time to feel better. I have gotten hit in the head with a ball enough to know that there is a shock element. Your glasses get thrown off your head, you see stars and the embarrassment of not catching the ball when it was flying from behind you. Seriously one time in P.E. I was playing basketball and someone threw the ball at me from behind, and it hit me in the head. When I went home later that day and explained to my parents why my glasses were skewed, Papa Bear questioned why didn’t I catch it, My lame response was that I didn’t even see it coming.  Sometimes life throws curve balls that you can’t also see coming. I always respond with shock. It makes me feel paralyzed.

   The next stage I go through is Anger. Now Jman and I have a much different time frame for these events. He does anger then shock. I have a shock than anger. As time passes and I gain time to analyze I become angry. Angry at the circumstance. Mad that I didn’t have a smart comeback or stood my ground better. Frustrated that this event happened. Upset that this is another thing we have to figure out in our already busy, hard, and continuously figuring things out style of life. I become angry at relationships that get broken when Life throws curveballs.

   The next stage I go through is reflecting and prayer. I usually reach out to people I trust such as my parents, Jman’s dad and I have a few older friends who I reach in times of trouble. Just so they can pray with us and give us advice. It’s funny how the much the information is usually pretty similar and all very helpful. Often during those times of troubles, I just need someone to say hey your not crazy this situation was poorly handled. We are praying things to less stressful, or even that I’m not dwelling on the curveball. I’m so blessed with Godly parents and friends who can give me that nonreactive, objective advice. Usually, these wise people help quell the self-doubt that arises after being hit in the head by the curveball.

   Finally acceptance. Acceptance is either letting go of the issue, resolving the problem or just asking God for forgiveness and taking away the bitterness that sometimes come with a fallout. This creates focus, acceptance and finally healing. Sometimes a curveball can make us feel bruised and overused. Knowing that God is in control and will manage is hard for someone who likes to plans.  Having the peace to know that God is in power is one thing I always struggle with. But God is in control, he knows my intention and is the author of my life. He knows the outcome and what will be the final result. And I may agonize over the r, but even that’s a sin. God knows the outcome and I need to trust that everything will work out.

Psalm 19:7

7 The instructions of the Lord are perfect,

   reviving the soul.

The decrees of the Lord are trustworthy,

   making wise the simple.

TTFN and God Bless and Keep You

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