A Confession: Dreams of Adopting

I have a confession. It’s not that drastic, but it is something that very few people know about me. I have always dreamed of adopting. I don’t remember when God placed this on my heart but I always knew that I wanted a big family. And another thing he put on my heart was adopting.

When Jman and I got married I did not think that this dream would happen. Not because Jman didn’t want to adopt but because financially it’s expensive to adopt. So I put it on a high shelf where I could see it but not attainable.

When we started trying to conceive, I thought my dreams would come true of the big family. However, our dream to conceive naturally hasn’t happened yet. I remember one day earlier on in this process of struggling with the idea that we might not have any children. I had a day where I decided that if I can’t conceive naturally, I did not want to go through with infertility treatments. I decided that because I’m a cancer survivor that infertility treatments are not something that I wanted to do. Adopting would be the best choice. However, I thought I was a horrible being for wanting to adopt rather than give birth. When I got up the nerve to talk to Jman about my fears. Jman responded kindly and compassionately and was on board with this idea. He also mentioned that with his Galactosemia and asthma that he didn’t want to make any children have to go through that.

Let me back up. I was not adopted, There is no one in my family who was adopted. But I’ve always had a heart for children with no families. I remember watching shows like Annie and Lilo and Stitch feeling heartbroken that nobody loved that child. I do have parents who have always taught me to support my siblings regardless of who we were. My parents also taught me that God gives miracles in unexpected places. If you have been this blog before you know about Sis. If you are new here. I have a younger sister with special needs and she is the best thing for our family.

One of the major deciding factors for going back to school was to be able to save up and be able to adopt a child.

This dream is still on the top shelf of my cabinets of dreams but it is not as high up. It’s something that I can reach. It’s something that will happen, It will just be something that will take time. Like Jman always like to say it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It takes patience, planning and of course praying. God in charge and knows what’s in my heart. I have to believe as a young girl with dreams of a big family with many cultures was a God-given dream. I have to hope that it will happen.

What are your dreams on the top shelf not happening yet but you haven’t given up hope?

What steps need to be taken?

Romans 9:4
4 the people of Israel. Theirs is the adoption to sonship; theirs the divine glory, the covenants, the receiving of the law, the temple worship and the promises.

TTFN and God Bless You and Keep you

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