Bonus Blog: Thursdays

Bonus Blog Thursdays

Does anyone else not like Thursdays? I woke up this morning feeling drained and tired. It seems like a trend for me. Always Thursdays!!! I work in a job where I give and give and give. So then by the end of the week, I feel depleted. Fridays are usually when I get excited for the weekend. But Thursdays are always the hardest day of the week for me. It’s my longest day of work, it’s usually wearing many hats and helping lots of people.

I remember going through Chemo treatments and always like clockwork, I would have four days after feeling horrible then day 5 I would feel better still not the best but it was so much better than the body aches, headaches, nausea that came from the chemo treatments.  

Looking back on my cancer experience always feels very surreal. There are always moments when I feel I it was a nightmare. A distant dream that happened to someone else. Then are moments when I’m back in the room with a tube delivering medicine that is healing me and making me sick.

During a time of sickness, it is funny how we often are okay giving our self a break. I know during my cancer treatments I would have a problem with taking a break. However, now that I am 6 years away from having cancer and have been cancer free for these last 6 years. I’m not as good as self-care.

Today I feel drained. My emotional well is dry. I got dressed and pulled my hair up and then sat down to work on the computer. Even though I feel drained God tugged on my heart to write this morning about how I feel.

How do I refill my emotional bank????

I don’t have tried and true methods. I think the first step is being honest with myself that I feel drained.  It’s okay. However, I know that unless I take care of myself I won’t be able to take care of others.

I get myself an Iced chai latte with vanilla. Everyone here knows I don’t drink coffee so this my go to drink.

I take the time to read my bible.

I count my blessings: today’s we got paid, right now we live paycheck to paycheck, I know it’s the not best way to live but that is the season we are in. We have apartment and cars that run. We have internet and good jobs. I am surrounded by people who love and support me.

I am often more aware on days that I’m of unexpected blessings. Like hummingbirds, gratitude and sometimes even making a connection with my students that I work with. Unexpected blessings are my favorite blessings because they help remind me that God is in control. Just like this morning where I feel drained to barely function, God tugged at my heart to share my heart.

I go to the zoo.  Getting out and looking at God’s creation is the best way for me to feel less drained and helps me get my emotional bank back.

I take deep breaths.

I don’t overextend myself.

I watch Disney Movies.

Is there a day of the week you don’t like???

Humming bird flying around a bush.

Psalm 111: 7-9

The works of his hands are faithful and just;

   all his precepts are trustworthy.

8 They are established forever and ever,

   enacted in faithfulness and uprightness.

9 He provided redemption for his people;

   he ordained his covenant forever—

   holy and awesome is his name.

TTFN and God Bless you and Keep you.

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